August 19, 2022

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Do It With Food

A super-sized selection of quick-food items toys

TITLE: The speedy-food stuff toy fanatic

This Filipino artist has a enthusiasm

for accumulating toys

from quickly-food cafe chains

together with McDonald’s


He also collects from the

Philippines’ large chain Jollibee

He has about 20,000 toys

in his dwelling

Percival Lugue, Fast-food stuff toy collector:

“I constantly notify my friends, it is really just like the sensation of morning Christmas, it can be is just like having a new set of toys.

Lugue’s assortment is now a

Guinness Globe Document

He constructed his household specially

to dwelling his collection.

His aspiration is to open up a museum

for all of his toys

“I remember a lot of moments when my close friends occur in excess of and see some of the toys below, they would exclaim ‘Oh, I used to have that toy and I utilized to perform about with it,’ so I guess if at some point this museum will open up this will also give them a probability to revisit their possess childhood reminiscences.”

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