May 26, 2022

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Do It With Food

Foodstuff truck application? Law enforcement to take out Vance Monument from brand?

Just before we get to present-day batch of burning inquiries, my wise-aleck answers and the actual offer, allow for me to right a math blunder from my Aug. 9 Remedy Gentleman.

Certainly, the English key strikes all over again!

I heard from several astute — and math-competent — readers about my Answer Gentleman on Asheville drinking water selling prices and how they evaluate to bottled drinking water prices, in which I erred in my math computation.

Reader John Ratzlaff strike the drinking water bottle on the head:

“You blew it on your solution to the charge-of-h2o problem! The remedy you gave: ‘Less than 2 cents a gallon,’ was the final result of an incorrect calculation. Instead of dividing gallons by value, you need to be dividing price by gallons, thusly: 447 cents divided by 748 gallons comes out to .5976, or just beneath six tenths of a cent per gallon. Even a greater offer than you declared! I’m positive each individual math instructor in the county (of whom I made use of to be 1) is heading to castigate you for this error.”