May 26, 2022

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Present foodstuff classification programs for processed foodstuff absence regularity and consensus

Recent foodstuff classification units for processed foodstuff lack regularity and consensus typically top to confusion and discussion even amongst scientists, a new research in the journal Developments in Foods Science & Technologies, reports.

In the course of this exceptional review scientists from the College of Surrey and European Food stuff Data Council (EUFIC) reviewed above 100 scientific papers to take a look at if unique requirements exist in creating classification methods for processed foods and, if so, what distinguishes them. Classification units that categorize foodstuff according to their “level of processing” have been made use of to forecast diet plan excellent and wellness results, advise guidelines and in merchandise advancement.

Scientists located that most classification system’s conditions are not aligned with current scientific proof on diet and foods processing. It is believed that this may well stem from distinct perspectives and intentions driving the enhancement of some classification devices.

Scientists also famous a failure to contain measurements of nutritional content inside of some devices which may be baffling to buyers. The authors distinction this with nutrient profiling strategies such as Nutri-score, which converts the dietary worth of solutions into a easy code consisting of five letters.

Only a handful of of the classification methods examined in the investigation also acknowledge meals processing performed at property, and rather concentration additional on industrially processed meals. Researchers feel that this omission is misguided as food items that is home made is not instantly a much healthier choice.

Categorization of foodstuff considered ‘ultra-processed’ and what is intended by the term, was also examined by scientists. While there is a large amount of confusion and disagreement about the time period, from the proof accessible it is thought that these foods could relate to obesity by strength density and foods houses this kind of as texture. On the other hand, this will need affirmation via even more research scientific studies.


We identified that food items processing and the diploma of processing utilised are interpreted in diverse methods by various classification methods. It is relating to that there are no clear agreements on what functions make foodstuff additional or fewer processed, and how this relates to balanced feeding on information, which could make it a lot more challenging for shoppers to make educated options consistently.”


Christina Sadler, Postgraduate Researcher and PhD Prospect, University of Surrey


Sadler is also the Senior Manager at EUFIC. “What is necessary is clarification of the fundamental methods, meanings and rationales of food stuff classification methods so that foodstuffs can be categorised constantly. This will assist advise general public well being and make sure we eat a a lot more balanced diet regime.”


Journal reference:

Sadler, C. R., et al. (2021) Processed meals classification: Conceptualisation and issues. Tendencies in Foods Science & Technologies.