February 9, 2023

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Smoked Chocolate Mousse – 101 Cookbooks

Gently smoking cigarettes chocolate is astounding. The extra fat in the chocolate is receptive to whatever you’re utilizing for cigarette smoking – I’ve utilised cherrywood, applewood, hickory, and rosemary in the past. The trick is keeping all those superb smoky notes when you get the future move. I haven’t had a great deal luck applying smoked chocolate in cakes and cookies, but when you use it in a lot more direct (and concentrated) desserts like pudding and this chocolate mousse, it can be a delightfully shocking recreation-changer. 
Smoked Chocolate Mousse in a Small Glass

How We Obtained Listed here

The road to this chocolate mousse recipe was not linear.  On a whim, I resolved to smoke chocolate in my donabe & it blew my mind. I smoke all types of things in the ibushi gin (smoker donabe) – tomatoes, veg, nuts, hardboiled eggs, tofu, and so on. But the initial time I tried cigarette smoking chocolate was this summertime. I utilized Guittard 72% (because I almost always acquire Guittard) and the chocolate finished up tasting subtly smoked but also like darkish caramel was threaded in. I was blown away. My to start with thought was to use it in primary molten chocolate little one cakes, but that was a significant fail. The taste just baked out. 
Smoked Chocolate Mousse in a Small Glass From the Side


All over the very same time, I was chatting with Amy Guittard, telling her what I was doing & she questioned me to be element of a holiday getaway promo campaign alongside with Sylvie from Just Date (who I’m also a big fan of from my San Francisco days). So here we are. I begun considering about in which the smoked chocolate may well actually shine. I finished up creating this smoked chocolate mousse recipe & like, enjoy, enjoy it. You can see the smoker in action below. The chocolate mousse finished up being a fantastic auto, but I can also visualize chocolate frosting, a thick hot chocolate drink, or it’s possible a smoked chocolate fondue performing superbly as well. I utilized Guittard 72% Sante Darkish Chocolate Chips manufactured with coconut sugar and Just Date natural date sugar. If needed, you can substitute an additional chocolate (shoot for 60% – 80% cacao), and granulated cane sugar will also function.

Using tobacco Chocolate

If you really do not have obtain to a stovetop smoker, no problem, an unsmoked model has extensive been a household most loved. This is the stovetop smoker donabe (ibushi gin) I use:  The primary factor to be considerate of is toughness. You might be a lot far better off beneath-smoking cigarettes ingredients vs . overdoing it. Having excellent notes has been valuable. As I experiment I make be aware of what is being smoked, the wooden resource, timing and “notes to self” for following time.

Smoked Chocolate Mousse Recipe

Make-in advance Chocolate Mousse

This is the great make-in advance dessert, and it’s finest when you make it a working day forward of time. It truly is the great dessert for holidays or when you happen to be acquiring close friends more than. You need to have time for the mousse to established and can do anything in the days in advance of serving. Provide straight from the fridge.

And finally, as observed under, this recipe does feature raw egg* The common disclaimer endorses young children, expecting gals, the aged, and everyone with an immune technique dysfunction really should stay clear of eating raw egg simply because of salmonella chance.

Additional Chocolate Recipes

There are a great deal of chocolate recipes on the web site, so have a glance all around. A few favorites involve these all-time fave chocolate brownies, chocolate puddle cookies, and this flourless chocolate cake. 

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