February 9, 2023

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Tips for Choosing Free Baby Shower Invitations

A lot of planning goes into having a baby, especially economic planning. Expecting parents need to save for medical/hospital expenses, clothing, baby food and other myriad expenses. If friends or relatives of expecting parents pitch in and prepare a baby shower it could go a long way in helping reduce the costs for the parents when the baby is born.

A baby shower is often held a month or two before the birth of the baby. It’s generally not considered a good idea to hold the baby shower during the last month of pregnancy. At times baby showers are held after the baby is born. The advantage here is that the gifts can be more gender specific. Whenever it is held, the main object is to celebrate the birth of the child and for friends and relatives to participate in the joy of the expecting parents.

Parents may choose what gifts they are to get so as to avoid getting the same thing from a bunch of people. These usually include toys, cribs, baby clothes and other essential baby paraphernalia.

Whether the baby shower is being held before or after the birth of the child the theme of the party is always directed at the mother and her baby. The person organizing the shower will have to select the theme carefully and do so even before sending out invitations. Things like guest-lists must be prepared well before the date and (unless it is a surprise party) be checked and finalized by the mother.

What you need to be careful about while preparing invitations is having enough time to send them out. Invitations to baby showers should ideally be sent out between four and six weeks before the date itself. The option of sending invitations out online is tempting. However, it is always better to stick to the traditional method sending out a printed and mailed invitation.

Once basic preparations are made and the theme has been chosen you need to actually invite people. Invitations can be printed or you can search the internet for free invitations. Most people do prefer the latter as you then have the option of customizing them at home. It also reduces the cost of having invitation cards printed. Unlike invitations that can be ordered or bought these can be edited to suit individual tastes and preferences. Sometimes one even has the added benefit of companies helping you mail and address these online invitations.

Once you have a date, a guest list, a theme and you have sent out the invitations you need to prepare for the event itself. Things like food (keep the mother in mind as well) and games will need to be finalized. If you are not sure of yourself you can always find help on the internet. If you go online you’ll find plenty of advice on how to throw the perfect baby shower.